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Do You Owe Back Taxes? You're Not Alone

Back taxes can be a major source of both financial and psychological stress. Tax penalties and fines can compound over time, which can make it difficult to determine exactly how much you owe the IRS. The procedures involved in properly assessing and paying down your tax debt can feel overwhelming. It's easy to feel intimidated and isolated by the process.

If this is the situation you're currently facing, you might find some comfort in the knowledge you are not alone. In 2014, more than 11 million Americans owed unpaid taxes of some kind. By the end of the fiscal year, over $130 billion was still owed to the IRS, but went uncollected. This indicates that there are millions of others out there who are facing similar circumstances, likely sharing similar worries about what might happen if they let the issue persist. For many Americans, the reality of back taxes leads to confusion, frustration, and financial woes.

Thankfully, tax problems can be addressed in a straightforward and stress-free way, if you have the right help. Taxation Solutions, Inc. has been helping people with our tax resolution services for over 40 years, and we proudly supply Baton Rouge-area residents with all kinds of tax assistance. If you're worried about a late tax return, an unfiled tax return, or unpaid taxes in general, e-mail us or call (225) 570-1719 and let us help you get started on the road to tax relief.